crimson_tidelsu-iconI know that I am a fanatic for my teams. I have been in mourning since yesterday due to both of my teams (Bears and Steelers) losing, however, it is not a life-altering event. Nor would I kill someone over the loss or win. However, apparently Michael Williams apparently felt otherwise on Saturday after the Alabama-LSU game. Yes, it is easy to get caught up in the spirit of things, but to actually pull out a gun and shoot two people to death is irresponsible and stupid. I am sure that the family and loves one of Dennis and Donna Smith feel the same way right now. I hope that Michael Williams love of the Crimson Tide and college football is worth spending life in prison for.

Dennis and Donna Smith murder 11/08/2008 Evergreen, AL *Couple shot to death after argument over Alabama-LSU football game; Michael Williams arrested*