steelerscardsWell, the Super Bowl has been set now. It will be the Arizona Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Steelers. As a Steeler fan, I am so psyched! The games today were both very good, but the Ravens-Steelers game was fabulous! The Ravens were not as good as I expected them to be, but they were not horrible. And of course, Big Ben was great! And Troy Polumalu’s interception and TD was the highlight of the game. And of course, in the first game, Larry Fitzgerald was unbelieveable. 3 TDs in the first half. If both teams play as well in 2 weeks as they did today, it will be a great Super Bowl! GO STEELERS!!!

eagles     vs.     cards

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Arizona Cardinals

This should be a good game today there in Arizona. The Cardinals have a great offense, and the Eagles depend lately on their defense. I must admit that I am surprised that either team got this far, but I think it should be a good game. My prediction? Arizona Cardinals. I think Kurt Warner can lead this team to a win today. And personally I think Donovan McNabb is overrated (although he is a good quarterback, just not the quarterback god he is made to look like) and I love Larry Fitzgerald. I think the Cards have the edge with Warner, Fitzgerald, Boldin, Hightower and James.

                                     Larry Fitzgerald

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