By now you know that the Packers have traded Brett Favre to the NY Jets. This should end all of the controversy, shouldn’t it? Probably not, since it will now cause an issue with Chad Pennington, who said a week ago that he was the starter and not worried about Favre going to the Jets. I still believe he should have stayed retired. He left on a relatively high note, but now, he could get hurt or have another bad year like he has in the past. And now when he retires, it will not be as a Packer, where all of his records are. It will be as a NY Jet. And he has burned his bridges with the Packers, which means that they probably would not taken him back to retire as a Packer. I personally think it is a bad situation all around.

What do you think?

Today was the day. Brett Favre faxed in his reinstatement papers. Now, the Packers have 24 to decide what to do. The options? Put him on the roster; Release him; Trade him

I am not sure what they are going to do. Rumors are running rampant. One I heard said that the Packers contacted like 20 teams and no one was interested in a trade. And the Packers have stated that Aaron Rodgers will be the starting quarterback in Green Bay. And Packers Teneral Manager Ted Thompson has stated that the Packers have no intention of releasing Favre. When Brett did not show up to training camp after stating he would, I figured he was going to stay retired. Not just because I am a Bears fan, but I think this is a bad move for him. What if he gets hurt or makes a bad showing (and ends his career as a back-up quarterback)? He retired on a good note, having a good season last year. Now this all overshadows it. Now, if he gets traded, he will not retire as a Green Bay Packer, either. Which is the team he has been on for most of his career, where he has all of his records and awards.

Favre Faxes Reinstatement Papers To NFL
Favre forces Packers to make decision, files for reinstatement
Favre follows through on plan, requests reinstatement from NFL
Favre faxes reinstatement letter
Favre faxes reinstatement letter to NFL

Please don’t tell me you are surprised by this news. He took several years to decide this, and just when it looked like he was retired (after, he held a news conference and SAID he was retiring), he decides he wants to play again. But apparently the Packers don’t want to use him, so he wants to be released. I am sure that there are teams who will try to grab him. But, has he really thought this through? He is apt to get hurt now, and that alone will ruin his record for continuous starts. And what if he gets really hurt? And does he not care about anyone but himself? What about Aaron Rodgers, who probably actually believed he was THE quarterback for the Packers. Rumors are that he wants to go to Minnesota. According to, the Packers GM and Coach said he could return as Aaron Rodgers backup. Interesting!

OK, say people are responsive to his desire to play. Who would he play for? Here are some possibilities:

Baltimore Ravens
Buffalo Bills
Carolina Panthers
Chicago Bears
Detroit Lions
Houston Texans
Minnesota Vikings
New York Jets
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Washington Redskins

So, what do you think????

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Do you want Brett Favre to be the quarterback in Chicago
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