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Philadelphia Eagles vs. Arizona Cardinals

This should be a good game today there in Arizona. The Cardinals have a great offense, and the Eagles depend lately on their defense. I must admit that I am surprised that either team got this far, but I think it should be a good game. My prediction? Arizona Cardinals. I think Kurt Warner can lead this team to a win today. And personally I think Donovan McNabb is overrated (although he is a good quarterback, just not the quarterback god he is made to look like) and I love Larry Fitzgerald. I think the Cards have the edge with Warner, Fitzgerald, Boldin, Hightower and James.

                                     Larry Fitzgerald

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donovanmcnabbOn Sunday, Coach Andy Reid benched Quarterback Donovan McNabb after a disastrous first half versus the Baltimore Ravens.

McNabb was 8-for-18 for 59 yards with two interceptions and a fumble in the first half against Baltimore

And the week before he threw 3 interceptions and had a fumble. However, Andy Reid put back up Kevin Kolb in on Sunday, and he did not do any better. The Eagles were trampled on by the Ravens, 36 – 7. Was it the right decision to bench McNabb? It did not change the outcome of the game, unless McNabb could have gotten his second wind, but it is doubtful, since he has been playing this way quite a bit lately. On Thanksgiving, he will be given a second chance. Andy Reid said:

“Donovan is the quarterback. I don’t want to leave here until you understand that,” coach Andy Reid emphasized at his news conference Monday. “Donovan is the quarterback for this football team.”

And it seems like because of one benching, the talk of Donovan leaving Philly has resurfaced. He has a
multi-million dollar contract that runs thru 2013, so it is doubtful that he is actually going anywhere. And people need to remember, it is not just McNabb’s fault that they have been losing. There are other players on the team who need to step up and play better as well. It is funny how if a team loses, it is the Quarterbacks fault. If they win, it is the Team’s fault. Kind of a double standard, huh?

Well, Thursday he will be the starting quarterback again for Philly. They are playing the Arizona Cardinals in Philly, which is good for the Eagles. But the Cardinals have been tough this year. But I am guessing that with all that happened this week, the Eagles might be motivated to bring home a win for Thanksgiving. We will see!

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