plaxicoBy now everyone knows that Plaxico Burress “shot himself in the leg” at the Latin Quarter nightclub. He had an unregistered gun, which got him arrested on gun charges and suspended from the Giants for the rest of the season (how many games did he play this year?). And on Tuesday night, a search warrant was executed at his New Jersey home, and did they hit the jackpot. Guns, ammunition, and bloody clothing were found during the search. (and allegedly so was a suitcase of money, but it was not part of the search warrant, so it was not confiscated, nor was it actually confirmed that it was found – just rumor right now). Right now, it is unknown if any of the guns are actually registered to Plaxico or his wife, but no paperwork was found. If they are unregistered, this is a huge problem for him. It is unknown if any additional charges will be brought against him. However, he is currently facing a mandatory 15 years in prison for the original unregistered gun. You would think, if the ones found last night were unregistered, he would have been smart enough to get rid of them before now! So, we will see. And to think, he was the hero of the Super Bowl for all of the Giants fans, catching the game winning touchdown. Life has changed in such a short amount of time, huh?

Weapons, Ammo Seized at Plaxico Burress’ New Jersey Home
Guns seized in search of NFL player’s home

The Jacksonsville Jaquars offensive lineman Richard Collier was shot multiple times while sitting in a car early this morning after leaving a club with former Jaguars defensive end Kenneth Pettway. He is in critical condition, however, the hospital is no longer giving any updates. Apparently his injuries are life threatening. Several members of the team were at the hospital today as well.

There is no known motive or how many suspects there are. Hopefully the police will give some kind of update soon.

Jaguars’ Collier shot several times, has life-threatening injuries
Jags’ Collier shot, has life-threatening injuries
Statement from Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver