Wow! This is the way I like to hear about NFL players: doing the right thing. Tony, his wife, daughter and his brother were having dinner in a restaurant, Capone’s, in Huntington Beach, when a man was choking on his food. Tony went over and performed the Heimlich manuever on him. The man, Ken Hunter, was turning blue and not breathing well. The person who was with him for dinner started yelling for help, and no one seemed to know what to do, until Tony came to help. And Ken, well, he did not even know who saved him until afterwards.

Gonzalez, a nine-time Pro Bowl selection who has set numerous NFL records, was having dinner with his wife, brother and 5-week-old daughter at Capone’s restaurant in Huntington Beach Thursday night. Hunter, 45, was dining with his girlfriend at the next table when suddenly a piece of meat stuck in his throat.

“I tried to take a drink of water, but I couldn’t swallow,” Hunter told The AP. “Then I couldn’t breathe. That’s a terrible feeling. I couldn’t breathe. Then I guess I started to panic.”

And to think, this guy is a Charger fan!!

Tony Gonzalez has always been one of my favorite players (I used to like the Chiefs, but have lost faith in them over the last couple of years. However, I still like Tony.) He is the best thing about the Chiefs now. I wish he would come on over to my team! The Bears could use him.

Chiefs’ Gonzalez saves man from choking to death in restaurant
Chiefs TE Gonzalez saves man’s life in restaurant
Tony Gonzalez saves choking Chargers fan
Chiefs’ Gonzalez saves man from choking to death