Jasper Howard
Jasper Howard

Another tragic story in college football. Another rising star dead by the hand of another. Jasper Howard, starting cornerback for UConn, was stabbed to death after a school dance while on campus. So far there are no suspects in custody.

UConn had a victory Saturday at home against Louisville.

UConn Football Player Killed After On-Campus Stabbing
Terrible tragedy at UConn
Football Player Jasper Howard, 20, Killed in UConn Stabbing
UConn Defense Forces Key Turnovers
Police Search for UConn Football Player’s Killer
Police: UConn football player stabbed to death

mcnair ravens      Sahel Kazemi
    Steve McNair                 Sahel Kazemi

I was rather shocked to see this yesterday. Steve McNair and Sahel Kazemi were found shot to death in a condo in Nashville, TN. I am sure the fans in Baltimore and Tennessee are still in shock as well. And I am sorry to say that it sounds like it is either a murder-suicide or there is a possibility (my personal opinion my you) that it was Steve McNair’s wife, Mechelle McNair, who shot them, since rumors are that these two were having an affair. Sahel was shot once in the head and Steve was shot multiple times. Although at this point, it appears to be a murder-suicide, and the gun was within reach of Sahel, but not easily found.

Former MVP McNair found dead
Former Titan Steve McNair dead
Steve McNair Found Dead
Former NFL Star Steve McNair Killed in Tennessee
Police Searching for Answers in Death of Ex-NFL Quarterback Steve McNair

crimson_tidelsu-iconI know that I am a fanatic for my teams. I have been in mourning since yesterday due to both of my teams (Bears and Steelers) losing, however, it is not a life-altering event. Nor would I kill someone over the loss or win. However, apparently Michael Williams apparently felt otherwise on Saturday after the Alabama-LSU game. Yes, it is easy to get caught up in the spirit of things, but to actually pull out a gun and shoot two people to death is irresponsible and stupid. I am sure that the family and loves one of Dennis and Donna Smith feel the same way right now. I hope that Michael Williams love of the Crimson Tide and college football is worth spending life in prison for.

Dennis and Donna Smith murder 11/08/2008 Evergreen, AL *Couple shot to death after argument over Alabama-LSU football game; Michael Williams arrested*


NFL’s Sean Taylor dies of gunshot wound
Redskins Safety Sean Taylor Dies One Day After Being Shot in His Home
Redskins Safety Sean Taylor Dies One Day After Being Shot
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Redskins safety Sean Taylor dies one day after being shot in the leg
Taylor Passes Away At Age 24
Redskins’ Sean Taylor dies
Bigger than football
Taylor dies after being shot at home
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tbradford.jpgThe University of Memphis is on lockdown today and classes are cancelled after a student athlete, Taylor Bradford, was shot to death as he was in his car on campus on Sunday night night. So far no arrests have been made. From what I have read, he went out to his car to get something and never returned to his dorm room. This made his friends go looking for him and they made the horrible discovery. Apparently, after getting shot, Taylor tried to drive himself to the hospital when he crashed into a tree. However, just now on CNN it is reported that this young man was specifically targeted.

University of Memphis Football Player Fatally Shot
Local Football Star Dead After Shooting On University Campus
U of M Campus on Lockdown After Shooting
U of M football player shot and killed
Classes canceled after U of M football player murdered on campus
University Of Memphis Football Player Shot And Killed
Classes canceled Monday at University of Memphis after deadly shooting
Memphis Tigers: 93 Taylor Bradford