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I was rather shocked to see this yesterday. Steve McNair and Sahel Kazemi were found shot to death in a condo in Nashville, TN. I am sure the fans in Baltimore and Tennessee are still in shock as well. And I am sorry to say that it sounds like it is either a murder-suicide or there is a possibility (my personal opinion my you) that it was Steve McNair’s wife, Mechelle McNair, who shot them, since rumors are that these two were having an affair. Sahel was shot once in the head and Steve was shot multiple times. Although at this point, it appears to be a murder-suicide, and the gun was within reach of Sahel, but not easily found.

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tony-romo2.jpgI just watched Terry Bradshaw interview Tony Romo on the FOX Pregame show, and wow was that fun! Tony Romo is a guy who loves his job, but does not let the criticism get to him. He appears to be a fun guy! He laughed and joked with Terry all the way through, and it was great. Now, we were destroyed by the Cowboys last week, and I am not a Cowboy fan, but, I do like some of their players, and Romo is one of them. Of course, I listen to the podcasts from NFL Rants and Raves and one of the hosts, Steven Miranda, is a huge Cowboy fan. So I have heard a bit about Romo for a while.  However, I think Romo, who is really just at the beginning of his career, is going to be a great quarterback.  He fits in with the Dallas plan and has been leading the Cowboys to wins.  In fact, right now, they are one of only 3 teams that are still undefeated this season.  His numbers look good too.  And he is not bad on the eyes either!  Especially when he is laughing!

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